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Super Pressure Cleaning is made up of a trusted team of 6, are proficient in all areas of pressure cleaning and strives to provide the most professional high pressure cleaning Brisbane has to offer.

We use quality pressure cleaning technology that you can see on our Home page combined with environmentally friendly chemicals. This allows us to efficiently pressure clean all external and internal surfaces with minimum impact on the environment. From driveways to car parks, our pressure cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning after fire, smoke and flood damage.
  • Washing down of external cladding on commercial and industrial units.
  • Degreasing, sanitising and disinfecting of agricultural sheds, chicken houses and horse stables.
  • Tank cleaning.
  • Boat cleaning.
  • Paint stripping.
  • Oil, grease and diesel stain cleaning.

Trusted Pressure Cleaners

The team at Super Pressure Cleaning Brisbane are highly trained professionals with over 20 years of combined experience. All of our team members are equipped with safety harness kits and have the appropriate certificates and training to work safely at heights. Work is always performed adhering to strict safe working methods and compliant with all Australian work safe standards.

We have performed our professional high pressure cleaning services for a wide variety or both domestic and commercial clients. Some of the many sites we have visited include:

  • Residential properties
  • Shopping centres
  • Schools
  • Universities and colleges
  • Clubs
  • Commercial buildings
  • Warehouses and workshops
  • Train stations
  • Sporting stadiums
  • Restaurants

If you feel that our solutions are right for you, give Super Pressure Cleaning Brisbane a call for a obligation free quote.
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Grout and Tile Pressure Cleaning

grout cleaning

Sorry for the lack of uploads on the blog. All of the work off our incredible customers has been amazing. Now time to get back on the blog on get you guys some content first up, Grout and Tile Pressure Cleaning. Any of the products we listed below is highly suggested by Super Pressure Cleaning Brisbane, they are our sole supplier of pressure machines, Bunnings.

grout cleans

Grout is the thin originally white lines between your tiles, size of the gap can depend, usually between 1 to 15mm, which can also depends on the type and size of the tile you have. From a professionals perspective we find that the larger the grout gap, the more dirt and muck that will get trapped in its gripped surface.

Tile and Grout Pressure Cleaning can be quite a profitable service for professional carpet cleaners to add as an extension to there existing carpet cleaning business to add more variety to there services, or as many other cleaning service related businesses. At Super Pressure Cleaning Brisbane, we carry a large range of portable pressure cleaning washers specifically manufactured to clean your tiles and obtain a numerous amount of cleaning accessories for the tile cleaning industry.

Don’t forget you can Contact us at anytime to organise a Tile and Grout Pressure Cleaning treatment!

Our Grout and Tile Pressure Cleaning Method:

  • Check the type of tile you have by either looking for a similar picture online or if you are renting, goto your landlord and ask about the tiles. That will ensure us if we can clean them or not.
  • Make sure to see if your grout is sanded or un-sanded.
  • Apply a certain cleaning solution and let it sit for roughly 10-15 minutes then we proceed to rinse.
  • Once thoroughly rinsed, we then dry your tiles with high quality grade air movers and towels so your floor is ready to go when we leave and no messing around.

If you feel that this solution is right for your roof, give Super Pressure Cleaning Brisbane a call for a obligation free quote.
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