Grout and Tile Pressure Cleaning

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Sorry for the lack of uploads on the blog. All of the work off our incredible customers has been amazing. Now time to get back on the blog on get you guys some content first up, Grout and Tile Pressure Cleaning. Any of the products we listed below is highly suggested by Super Pressure Cleaning Brisbane, they are our sole supplier of pressure machines, Bunnings.

grout cleans

Grout is the thin originally white lines between your tiles, size of the gap can depend, usually between 1 to 15mm, which can also depends on the type and size of the tile you have. From a professionals perspective we find that the larger the grout gap, the more dirt and muck that will get trapped in its gripped surface.

Tile and Grout Pressure Cleaning can be quite a profitable service for professional carpet cleaners to add as an extension to there existing carpet cleaning business to add more variety to there services, or as many other cleaning service related businesses. At Super Pressure Cleaning Brisbane, we carry a large range of portable pressure cleaning washers specifically manufactured to clean your tiles and obtain a numerous amount of cleaning accessories for the tile cleaning industry.

Don’t forget you can Contact us at anytime to organise a Tile and Grout Pressure Cleaning treatment!

Our Grout and Tile Pressure Cleaning Method:

  • Check the type of tile you have by either looking for a similar picture online or if you are renting, goto your landlord and ask about the tiles. That will ensure us if we can clean them or not.
  • Make sure to see if your grout is sanded or un-sanded.
  • Apply a certain cleaning solution and let it sit for roughly 10-15 minutes then we proceed to rinse.
  • Once thoroughly rinsed, we then dry your tiles with high quality grade air movers and towels so your floor is ready to go when we leave and no messing around.

If you feel that this solution is right for your roof, give Super Pressure Cleaning Brisbane a call for a obligation free quote.
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How to Remove Mould from your Driveway

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Are you sick and tired of seeing the same dirty, mouldy pathways when you drive home? Well worry no more because here is a couple of ways to get rid of it brought to you by Super Pressure Cleaning. Mold tends to grow on concrete surfaces like pathways. You should remove this mold quickly as the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes to remove.

Elbow Grease

One of the hardest methods to kill mold is with pure elbow grease. What you’re going to need to grab is a metal scrubbing brush or anything with hard bristles. Bunnings has a great range of scrub brushes that will be perfect for the job.You can also use scouring powder to help remove mold with a scrub brush. Firstly, rinse the area thoroughly with clean water, from either a hose or a spray bottle.

Steam Cleaning

You can also kill mold and remove it from concrete by using a quality steam cleaner. Firstly, Load the water into the steam cleaner and give time for the machine to warm up. Next, blast the mold with spurts of hot steam. Lastly rinse the area with clean water from your garden hose. Try to wear protective clothing and enclosed shoes to avoid direct contact with the steam. Steam can produce serious burns on bare skin.

The water produced after rinsing the surface will contain mold spores. It is recommended that you wear protective gloves and a mouth and nose mask to prevent inhaling these deadly mould spores. Make sure the area stays wet to prevent the mould spores from becoming airborne. Wash your work clothes immediately after finishing the job to kill any spores on your clothing.

If you do happen to have any enquiries regarding any mould outside your home, feel free to call Super Pressure Cleaning.